Who will want to join Voices of Sophia / Witherspoon Society?

Those seeking a vision that carries the church into the next century;

Those who believe in a church reformed and always being reformed;

Those excluded by the patriarchal nature of the church;

Those who are faithful, progressive, justice-seeking servants of the church.

What does Voices of Sophia / Witherspoon Society have to offer?

Become a part of an exciting community seeking to transform our church and society:

Visit this website for scholarship, worship and advocacy ideas and to stay connected;

Receive urgent action updates when you join our email list;

Receive a periodic newsletter when you become a member of VOS/WS;

Attend our occasional Gatherings for spiritual support, community and education;

Provide a presence at General Assembly and other meetings;

Connect with others who share in your concerns;

Call the church into accountability and fulfill the Gospel and General Assembly policy; regarding women’s theologies, inclusiveness, and diversity.

For a membership form, click here.

For questions, email Gusti Newquist at


2 responses to “Join

  1. Hello,
    I serve as the assistant minister and Childrens’ Director at a United Methodist Church in Kansas. I recently earned a BA in Religion and Philosophy. My job entails;planning worship services and lesson planning-both overflowing with the creative arts. I would love, love, love more information on your program to tie into our programs here at Winfield. Thank you so very much and have a splendid day! 🙂

  2. Dear Team

    I am currently reading a Masters Degree in Theology. For some time now, I have been grappling with atonement theology. With the developments in cosmology and Quantum Physics, I cant see the place of atonement in this new paradigm. Some argue that, if one were to remove atonement from Christianity. Christianity would cease to exist, I disagree with this prognosis. Is there any Feminist Theologians who have written on this topic?

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