Voices of Sophia breakfast tomorrow morning at General Assembly

If you are at General Assembly, don’t miss the fantastic Christine Smith tomorrow morning at the Voices breakfast.

Christine Smith photo

I have always believed that the church could be a redemptive, transformative body of people working for a world where all creation would share in God’s abundant life. This means that the church as God’s people in the world would not stop our work of resistance and hope until all people experience dignity and justice, and the larger creation has ceased to be constantly violated and exploited.

I am interested in talking with people who are trying to think through some of the most difficult and challenging issues of our day, including global economic justice, the flourishing of the earth and its creatures, immigration issues, and what it means to build solidarity with oppressed people in the two thirds world.”

from Christine Smith’s faculty page at the United Seminary of the Twin Cities

Among many other publications, Smith is the author of Risking the Terror: Resurrection in This Life (Pilgrim, 2001) and editor of Preaching Justice: Ethnic and Cultural Perspectives (United Church Press, 1998).

7:00 am – 8:15 am in the Hyatt—Lake Superior AB room

ReImagining Church: De-Centering Privilege as an Act of Global Citizenship.

(Ticket is $27, but if we know these people, you might be able to get sneaked in if you can’t afford a ticket or if the breakfast sells out.)

Speaker: Christine Smith (UCC),
professor of preaching, United Seminary of the Twin Cities and preacher
at the first “Re-Imagining” in 1993. What is social privilege? How might
Christians “de-center” (relocate) themselves socially? How is de-
centering a prophetic act of justice in our world? Dr. Smith will challenge
us to look at the complex language of margin and center. She will also
discuss actions and spiritual disciplines that all of us, as privileged
citizens, can adopt in order to live more justice-loving lives. Christine
Smith is eminently qualified to re-imagine a just church in a global world.


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