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A blog for the Voices of Sophia

After fifteen years of scholarship and activism, Voices of Sophia presents a blog. Here, we present the voices of feminist theologians of all stripes: scholars, clergy, students, exiles, missionaries, workers, thinkers, artists, lovers and devotees, from many parts of the world, all children of the God in whose image women are made.

Voices of Sophia is a community of women and men in the larger community of the Presbyterian Church (USA) being reformed by God through the Spirit of the living Christ, and working toward the transformation of the church into a discipleship of equals.  While we find our home in the Reformed tradition interpreted with a feminist critique, we welcome articles and conversation with those of many traditions, as well as those who may not consistently espouse the label “feminist.”

This blog seeks to glorify God through prayer, work, art, and intellectual reflection. Through articles and ensuing discussion we hope to become an active and thoughtful community.

We invite contributions of articles that meet one of the following criteria:

1) Well-researched original work in feminist theology, including book reviews;
2) Feminist reflections on Scripture;
3) Feminist reflections on ministry, activism, and other aspects of life and work;
4) Artwork, prayers and music.

Please submit articles by email to voicesofsophia@gmail.com.

Submissions from women outside the “normal channels” of the institutional church and academy are especially welcome.

This blog is published in English. Submissions in Spanish or German are welcome, and will be translated into English prior to publication. We would appreciate the ability to translate from Korean, and seek a volunteer who would be able to do so.

Voices of Sophia may edit submissions for brevity or clarity. Submissions over 500 words may be published as a series instead of a single post.

Thanks for visiting, and please join our community’s conversation by leaving a comment!


Announcement of a Holy Union: Voices of Sophia and the Witherspoon Society Merge, by Sylvia Thorson-Smith

For about a year, the idea of a merger between the Witherspoon Society and Voices of Sophia has been in the works. Thanks to the efforts of many dedicated people in both groups, we are now happy to announce that this union is a reality.

It might be helpful to review a bit of the history of Voices of Sophia. VOS was organized in 1995 in response to the backlash against the 1993 feminist theological event known as “Re-Imagining.” It was felt by many who were active in the PCUSA at the time that those who advocated feminist values, particularly women staff, were under siege and needed a critical mass of support outside the structures of the church. For 13 years, Voices of Sophia has been an untamed witness on behalf of women and women’s issues, working in partnership with other progressive justice-loving groups in the Presbyterian Church, like the Witherspoon Society.

Discussions between these two groups began in conversations at General Assembly in 2008, and the serious work of exploring a merger commenced in the fall and early 2009. I came on the Witherspoon Board in part as a liaison between the groups. Basic agreement was reached between the leadership of WS and VOS on steps that would be taken, including the following:

1) four new members would join
the WS board as a VOS
caucus, participating fully in
decisions of the board and
providing a particularly feminist
perspective to its work;
2) the VOS caucus would be
responsible for continuing some
previous VOS work, such as
breakfasts that feature women
theologians at General Assembly;
3) at least for now, the balance of
VOS monies would be (and have
been) kept in a separate account,
managed by the WS budget
officer, and available for GA
breakfasts and other particularly
VOS/feminist-related needs; and
4) other details of the merger would
be worked out by the newly
enlarged board.

An email was sent to VOS members seeking three interested persons to join me in forming the VOS caucus of the board, and the following women enthusiastically offered to serve: Colleen Bowers, a nurse who lives in Baltimore, MD; Sylvia Carlson, a retired minister in Redstone Presbytery; and Molly Casteel, who until recently held a position as staff for women’s advocacy in the Racial Ethnic and Women’s Ministry Program of the church.

In addition, Heather Reichgott (former board member of More Light Presbyterians) will be an adjunct member of the caucus and will manage a new feminist blog on the Witherspoon website. Heather is working with Doug King and her blog is now operational (check it out at https://voicesofsophia.wordpress.com).

There are still issues to address regarding this merger, and these will be discussed at a board meeting in Minneapolis in May. For now, though, we are moving forward with energy and enthusiasm in this (hopefully) holy, justice-seeking union. It’s exciting to see it actually become a reality, because we all agree on the importance of maintaining a progressive/feminist voice in the PCUSA – even from the margins. We’ll want to keep communication flowing with the members of both groups, so this unified group can become an even stronger witness for peace and justice than we were separately. We hope that current members of WS and VOS will want to maintain your ties and new members will want to join.

We ask for prayers and all forms of support as we re-imagine a united Voices of Sophia/Witherspoon Society. Feel free to ask questions, give us input, and share ideas about how to strengthen our work together. I welcome emails regarding this merger (sylviats@cox.net), and you may direct them to other board members as well. We look forward to reporting more progress in upcom- ing issues of Network News and on the website.